Eileen Tien

Eileen Tien      田艾茹

With a valuable set of skills spanning many critical elements of real estate, including marketing and customer service, Eileen Tien brings to her clients not only a strong passion for what she does, but invaluable experience, too. Fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, she offers a unique understanding of the Asian culture and clientele—a fact that renders her a tremendous asset to sellers hoping to tap into the international markets. Organized, hardworking, attentive and meticulous with regard to detail, Eileen pursues her clients’ objectives as though they were her own, continually exceeding expectations and raising the bar when it comes to outstanding personalized service.

As part of Surterre Properties®, Eileen has access to a variety of resources and tools that underscore her efforts as a conscientious real estate professional, effectively ensuring both buyers and sellers the very best service and results. An award-winning in-house advertising studio, the latest in online real estate technology, and a collaborative work environment in which all agents and brokers work toward the common goal of perfecting the client experience are just a handful of elements that set Surterre apart from the competition, rendering it Southern California’s leading luxury real estate boutique. Together, Eileen and Surterre ensure clients with a wide variety of objectives the greatest potential for value and success.

An animal lover who’s rescued two dogs of her own, Eileen dedicates her spare time to various local shelters.

擁有橫跨房地產、市場營銷和客戶服務的豐富經驗與知識,Eileen Tien 田艾茹提供給客戶的除了有親切的服務,更提供了寶貴的經驗。中英文流利,瞭解亞洲文化和獨特客戶習性,這對於想進軍國際買賣市場的賣家可提供極大的輔助。注重細節,認真努力,Eileen 艾茹總是全心全力達成客戶的要求與目標,不斷超越客戶的期望,提供最優秀專業的全方面服務。

為 Surterre Properties房地產公司的一員,Eileen 艾茹擁有公司旗下的各種專業扶助,提供買賣雙方優質服務與成果。擁有屢獲殊榮的內部廣告工作室,最新進的房地產網路技術,所有旗下房仲們皆共同合作提供客戶完善服務,使得 Surterre 成為最傑出的南加豪華房地產的領導者。Eileen 艾茹與 Surterre 房地產共同努力保證提供客戶最滿意的整體服務,幫助客戶達到各種房地產買賣投資目標。

喜愛動物,擁有兩隻可愛的領養小狗,Eileen 艾茹在工作閒暇時,投入社區動物收容所志工工作。


Angie Tien

Angie Tien      田艾君

Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, Angie Tien—an experienced marketing professional who’s passionate about helping people bring their dreams to reality—gives clients an invaluable edge, enabling sellers to explore maximized opportunities via international markets. Likewise, with her previous work in design and animation, she brings to the table a keen eye for esthetics, proving helpful when it comes to tasks such as staging a property to sell quickly and spotting a home’s hidden potential. Hardworking, attentive and committed to giving her clients the very best in customized service, Angie is fast becoming one of Southern California’s most sought after up-and-coming professionals.

能說流利的中英文,Angie Tien 田艾君擁有豐富的市場行銷經驗,熱愛幫助客戶將擁有完美家園的夢想成真,提供客戶專業服務優勢,並協助賣家開拓國際房地產市場。擁有美工設計的背景經驗,Angie艾君擁有敏銳的美學眼光,能看出並分析房屋的潛在開發能力,更可幫助賣家裝潢擺設以最快時間賣出最佳價格。認真勤奮,注重細節,提供客戶最優良客制服務,使得 Angie艾君是南加州最搶手的專業房地產仲介經紀人。
為Surterre Peroperties房地產公司的一員,Angie艾君享有公司提供的眾多專業資源,屢獲殊榮的內部廣告工作室等服務可提供 Angie艾君確保客戶最傑出的買賣成績。
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