Beck Brought a Fixer-Upper in Santa Monica/ 格萊美獎得主貝克(Beck Hansen) 買下 Santa Monica 舊房

BeckRecent Grammy-winner and Echo Park native Beck Hansen never holds on to houses for too long, so let’s see how long he keeps these decidedly modest digs in Santa Monica. (He’s better off buying; rumor has it he’s not a great tenant.) The singer/singwriter and wife, actress Marissa Ribisi, plunked down $2.711 million for the lovely diamond-in-the-rough. Built in 1925, the house was advertised as ideal for either a remodel or to demolish and build anew, but we’re hoping that Beck just spruces the place up a little bit. The five-bedroom house has a fireplace and at least a few built-ins within its 2,456 square feet, along with curved doorways and a cute, almost Tudor exterior.

source: Curbed

格萊美獎得主貝克 (Beck Hansen) 從來不會在一棟房子待太久,讓我們看看他這次能在這棟價格不會太貴的聖塔莫尼卡住屋待多久。傳聞貝克並不是一個好房客,也許直接買下房屋是比較好的選擇。這位創作歌手與女演員妻子瑪麗莎瑞比西 ​(Marissa Ribisi) 以 $2,711,000 買下這棟房屋,建造於1925年,需要重新裝修,或是可以整棟重建,五間臥室,2,456平方英呎,很可愛的外觀,希望貝克可以重新整頓這棟很有潛力的住屋。

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