Lena Dunham is Buying Adorable House in Hollywood / 莉娜杜漢 HBO 女孩我最大, 買下好萊塢房子

Lena DunhamGirls creator and star Lena Dunham doesn’t love spending time in Los Angeles—she told Vogue last year “more than two weeks and I start to get a very sad feeling. You eat well there, and you take hikes, and my dog loves it, but ultimately it’s not the right place for me.”—but she’s also pretty rich, so why not buy a house where she can spend those two weeks? And she picked a good one, it’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s and A-Team star George Peppard’s old place, a handsome 1919 Greek Revival in western Hollywood that comes with two bedrooms, three covered porches, a saltwater pool, and a one-bedroom guesthouse. The sale hasn’t closed yet, but the house was listed for $2.699 million in late January.

source: Curbed

Lena Dunham is Buying Adorable House in Hollywood / 莉娜杜漢 HBO 女孩我最大, 買下好萊塢房子HBO電視劇女孩我最大(Girls)的主角莉娜杜漢 (Lena Dunham)去年接受 Vogue時尚雜誌訪問時曾說過他不喜歡洛杉磯這個城市,『如果我待在洛杉磯超過兩星期,就會開始覺得憂鬱,雖然有很多好吃的餐廳,也可以隨時出門健走,我家小狗也很開心,但是我就是覺得這不是屬於我的地方。』不過他也是個有錢的大明星,乾脆在洛杉磯買棟房子度過這憂鬱的兩星期。莉娜杜漢買下的是第凡內早餐(Breakfast at Tiffany’s)和天龍特攻隊(A-Team)的老演員喬治佩帕德(George Peppard)的房子,這棟位於好萊塢帶有希臘風格的房子建造於1919年,兩間臥室,鹽水泳池,獨棟客房,一月房子上市時開價$2,699,000,現在正在escrow中。

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