Best Ways to Split Rent With Roommates / 如何與室友分攤租金

The Best Ways to Split Rent With Roommates 如何與室友分攤租金
from Surterre Properties

One of the biggest advantages of having a roommate is the ability to split the cost of rent and utilities, which usually means you’ll be able to afford a larger apartment with better amenities than you could if you were living by yourself. However, when you live with a roommate, you have to share major expenses, and money can be a sensitive subject.
Everyone has a different view on money – some are spenders; some are savers; and some are a little bit of both. If your roommate isn’t reliable when it comes to making payments, it could end up costing you. That’s why it’s important to make sure you and your new roommate are financially compatible before you sign a lease together.

Define how you will split the rent and other expensesWhether the bedrooms are different sizes or one person has more amenities than other, sometimes splitting the rent in half just doesn’t work. If that’s the case, here are some ways you can determine what each roommate pays:

  • Splitting the cost by sizeIf there is a big disparity in the size of the bedrooms, you may want to base what each roommate pays by square footage. Start by figuring out the cost per square foot of the apartment. You’ll do this by dividing the total cost of rent by the total square footage of the apartment. For example, if your rental rate is $1,000 per month for a 1,000-square-foot apartment, the cost per square foot is $1. Next, determine the square footage of each bedroom, and multiply that number by the cost per square footage. If one bedroom is 250 square feet and the other is 350 square feet, the rental rate per bedroom would be $250 and $350, respectively.
  • Factoring in amenitiesIn addition to square footage, you should also consider any amenities and perks. For example, if one roommate gets a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and his or her own attached bathroom, he or she should pay more than the roommate with the smaller closet and shared bathroom.
  • Don’t forget other shared expensesWhile you’re discussing how to split the rent, you should also talk about utilities. Does one person feel cable is unnecessary while the other can’t live without live sports? Talk through who will use what, and decide what you both think is fair.

Decide who will handle the paymentsIt’s important to determine which roommate will be responsible for paying each bill and mailing the rent check. If not, you could find yourself in a situation where your payments are late because you both thought the other person had taken care of it. Late payments usually mean late fees, so being organized can save you from wasting money.

Determine your payment method. Your landlord will probably accept two checks for rent, one from each of you, so paying the rent via check shouldn’t be a problem. You can also talk to your landlord about getting set up with Lovely, an app and service that allows you to pay your rent online. It even lets you set up reoccurring payments, so you never have to worry about a late rent payment.

Other bills – such as electric, gas, cable and Internet – may pose a bit more of a challenge. You may choose to split the number of bills or divide the payment by the average amount of the bill. Regardless, you’ll need to come up with a method for keeping track of who owes what to whom. Don’t rely on memory – you and your roommate can easily forget or remember differently. You can always go the traditional route of using a spreadsheet, but technology has made it easier than ever. Simply download a bill-splitting app such as Splitwise, SpotMe or Venmo, which do all  the work for you.

In addition to how you split the cost, discuss how long roommates have to pay each other back for shared expenses to make sure you’re on the same page.

Write and sign a roommate agreementOnce you’ve worked out all the details of your shared expenses, set it in stone with a roommate agreement. It may seem like overkill to sign a contract with your roommate, especially if he or she is a friend, but having all of your decisions in writing can save you from arguments down the line. In addition to finances, you can add other rules you’ve agreed upon, such as overnight guests and a cleaning schedule.

source: U.S. News

Best Ways to Split Rent With Roommates / 如何與室友分攤租金
from Surterre Properties


找室友一起分租最大的好處就是可以有人一同分攤租金和水電費,因此你們可以住得起以 一個人的經濟能力租不到的更大更舒適房子。室友就得共同分擔租房出支開銷,然而談到錢這件事,總是個令人敏感的話題。每個人對金錢都有不同的觀念,有人慷慨,有人節省,有人剛剛好。如果你的室友在付錢方面不太可靠,最後可能就是你得花錢消災,因此在和室友一同簽訂租約之前,確認你們的經濟狀況是非常重要的。

  • 按房間大小分配租金
    如果臥室大小差距很大,那麼就可以使用平方英呎來做租約分配。首先要先知道租屋每平方英呎多少錢,以租屋總額除以平方英呎計算,例如你們的租約為每個月$1,000,屋子大小為1,000平方英呎,那麼租屋美平方英呎為$1。再來要知道房間的平方英呎,然後乘以每平方英呎價錢,例如一個房間為250平方英呎,另一個房間為350平方英呎,那麼這兩個房間的租金就應該為 $250和 $350。
  • 額外設施費用
  • 別忘了其他共享費用







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