Home Fung Shui for Year of Ram 羊年居家風水

Year of the Sheep is here, soon arrives the Chinese Lunar New Year. We all want good luck for the new year. Feng Shui Experts often say, “Feng Shui lets the wealthy accumulates more riches, also lets the poor change their fortune.” The so-called turning fate, using Feng Shui has a big impact on gaining great fortune for the Chinese. If you want great luck to come your way, we can consult the wisdom of Feng Shui expert providing useful tips. Want to open up the path to start a good year? Let’s start with Feng Shui for our homes!


from surterre properties
from surterre properties

1. How to resolve the bad spirits from the west and southeast direction.

Most people think Feng Shui will grant immediate luck and wealth but the most crucial step is resolve the bad spirits first. According to Feng Shui expert, the first step for the year of Ram is to resolve the bad spirits coming from the West and Southeast. A solution is to avoid opening windows too much and balcony facing the West.



from surterre properties
from surterre properties

2. The door facing North has the best wealth source.

In the year 2015 Ram, the position facing North has great luck. If a home has a bedroom facing North, it is suggested that the head points to the North, feet to the South, this is best for wealth luck. You can also place decorations contain water toward the North in home to achieve wealth luck.



from surterre properties
from surterre properties

3. Doors that face southwest or bedrooms in the southwest direction has the best love luck.

In the year of Ram, Southwest is also a very good direction. If the bedroom is positioned at Southwest, feet points to the North will have wealth luck, feet points to the east is best for intellectual related like exams, work, and study etc. Place water at home in Southwest position, will have better influence on Love, wealth and pregnancy. One important note, if bacolny is positioned at the Southwest, avoid large plants, fake nature decorations, it might sabotage the Feng Shui.



from surterre properties
from surterre properties

4. Doors face Northeast or bedrooms positioned in the Northeast is best for work related luck.

Doors face Northeast or bedrooms positioned in the Northeast, in the year of Ram is best for luck related to jobs. The important note is to remember not to put water or streams in this direction, it will have a reverse effect. Northeast bedroom, feet points to the South will also help with work related luck.



from surterre properties
from surterre properties

5. Doors face Northwest or Bedroom position in Northwest, best for exams.

If bedroom positioned in Northwest or doors face Northwest, in year of Ram it will benefit luck related to taking exams. The most important thing to remember is to be able to see water sources (ex. sinks, decorations), potted plants. In Northwest bedroom, if the desk is placed in southwest, it will help with learning.

source: ChineTimes

The above tips are based on Chinese Feng Shiu. It’s an interesting idea about different culture’s beliefs. Whether a believer or not, we think the greatest luck is when you believe in yourself. Wish everyone has a great new beginning starting this year of Ram. Kung Hei Fat Choy! (Great prosperity for everyone!).



資料來源 中時報紙.

以上的風水資料不知大家有何感想。這是文化信仰的一個有趣想法。信與不信都沒關係,只要大家相信自己,好運就會跟著來。希望每個人今年羊年都有個美好的開始。新年快樂, 恭喜發財!


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